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Well well well, hello bloggy. Long time no write.
After 6 months fighting and striving my great amount of laziness to finish my undergraduate thesis, AH FINALLY MY TIME HAS COME. I finally graduated, darling. Graduated. Does not that word sounds sweet to you?~ Yeah yeah, I cannot be that happy, though, after this college student-phase, I have to make my own life, I have to make my own money, and stuff. I have to find new job, I have to pay things myself...well it's not like I did not do that before, I always buy things with my own savings money but this time is different, I have to make my own. Beside of the job and money things, parents and fam already asked me about... *drum rolls* boyfriend. Shit. OOPS. BAD WORD. Sorry. (not sorry).

They always asked me about the-glasses-japanese-look-like-guy that came to my house IN the same time when my father's family held a family gathering. 
Gosh, we broke up months ago. Please.
"Ah broke up already? Then where is the new guy?"
GOSH. SERIOUSLY? If finding and having boyfriend is as easy as buying a bucket of ice cream I probably have tons of boyfriend right now. LOL.

Well, damn.
Welcome to the mid-life crisis.

Hey wait. I was not intentionally write about this post-unofficial-graduation things. I was going to write about my battle with thesis (sounds too much) (you are exagerrating things, nanda).

So. I did research about this...um...unusual topic? I don't know. LGBT issues seems not that unique and rare anymore to me, but still, every time someone saw my title, they were like "whoa whoa what is this? some kind of horror?" Seriously guys? But ya actually, I found some horrors when I wrote my thesis. 
The difficulty of finding the research subjects, their location pheewww we are in a different part of Java Island guys for sure I had to travel there with train and train ticket are expensive and I had to stay in a hotel for 2 nights and...ah. The positive thing about it was...I travel. Jalan-jalan. Do some refreshing and refreshment. That's okay. I enjoyed it anyway.

That, was the #stormnumberone.
Now this, was the #stormnumbertwo.

The thesis defense' schedule was from 17 until 21 July 2017, and I was hoping that I'll get the second or the third day but...I kept thinking that I'll get the first day...but I guess it was only the form of my anxiety because one of my friend keep talking about getting-the-first-day-of-thesis-defense.
Friday night, 14th July 2017, suddenly my college teacher sent me a message, 

"congratulations Nanda, you are going to be the first one on Monday morning"

You guys know what I do at the moment? I laughed. I laughed, really loud. Like really loud. 2 minutes later, I cried. Fusk you mood swing.
Oh well, I don't give a shit. That night, I slept peacefully until morning and in the next day I decided to go for some shopping (I don't have any white shirt and heels, for God sake).

But well, at last, I completed and PASSED the storm number two.
Whoa. Terlena dengan kelulusan after sidang, I did not working on my revision for a week and planned to do it on Monday next week. But shit will never tired to prank people, I have to finish my revision on 2nd August so I can make it into hardcover and submit them on 3rd August (BUT...BUT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE 18th AUGUST!)

WEEELLLL. Here comes #stormnumberthree.
One of my (dosen penguji bahasa inggrisnya apa sih ya Allah diriku tidak tahu menahu. Tester? Examiner? LOL) examiner (hope this true) well...she is...um...kind of checking all of my thesis and did not want to give her sign on my paper until I fix 'em all (even the little tiny typo) and I have to see her like, 4 times until I did not go home for one night and stayed at one of my friend's house. BUT BUT EVERYBODY ALREADY HARDCOVER-ING (WTF is hardcover-ing LOL) THEIR THESIS. Ugh. i could not sleep that night, I was awake until, 1 a.m. in the morning and woke up at 4 a.m. Barely had some sleep while I always sleep at 10 p.m. hahahaha.

But well (again) I could pass the storm number three thanks to God.

SO YEAH. THIS MAY NOT THAT DRAMATIC BUT TRUST ME MY #SKRIPSILYFE IS WAY MUCH DRAMATIC. I just don't know how to pour and sum it up in writing. *cry in laughter*

I guess a pic of me after thesis defense won't hurt, right? :3

Cihuy kan. You guys know which one is me


I started writing this post at 8 p.m. and guess what time is it now? 11 p.m. ah no. 11.30 LOL I was playing Who is The Wolf with my besties while blogging and they took most of my time so I forgot to write and I felt the urge to finish this post cause I am feeling sleepy already so if I close this tab and shut down my laptop and go to sleep, like, right now, I am sure that this post will publish, like, um, probably 3 days from now? :') 

Okay I guess my-venting-along tonight is enough aaaaaand


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