The Ups (not) and Downs in The World of Online Shopping

by - 1/31/2017 06:42:00 pm

That is a long title.
Well, the ups, um, maybe another time, but right now, I am just going to venting along (like what I usually do(LOL)) about *the downs*.

I am a huge fan of shopping via website, or in other words, online, and being tricked is not in my dictionary because I always do some check and re-check before I buy something, and asking bazillion questions is included in check and re-check. Even cheaper price cannot tricked me, until yesterday.

Phew, I disappointed at myself for not thinking twice before I bought a eau de perfume from one of the biggest Indonesia Marketplace, Bukalapak. I planned to buy Senswell EDP on Zalora actually, but Senswell is not available on Zalora anymore so I moved to the other marketplace instead. I met this account named senswellinternational and they are selling everything about Senswell. I actually kind of shocked (and also suspicious) when I saw the price because it was way much cheaper than in other places. AND YES I bought it immediately. *sigh*

4 days later...............
YEAY my perfume finally arrived! Um, excuse me, wait a minute, did I suddenly cannot read numbers? Because the expired date here said that this perfume has been expired since 9 days ago. Um, hello? Am I being fooled? Or am I? 
How could I be so stupid?
Goodbye, money. May you not rest in peace in that seller's bank account and do your revenge. 
Ekhem. I am sorry. I mean, I hope it will not happen again.
I DID complain to the administrator and I also did not know why I couldn't attach any picture on my Bukalapak account, so I guess it will be a forever goodbye to my money. *sob* 

I moved on, okay?
I moved on from those expired perfume tragedy.
BUT, then there is something that come along in my way.

Besides being a buyer, I am also a seller. I have account on Prelo and I sell my pre-loved stuffs, like clothes, bags, etc. meeting some sadistic buyer when it comes to the price? Hah, don't ask me. I am already bulletproof. But then, come this one,

See, every time I sell something, I always write the specification of the product, like the bust line, waist line, etc. I also wrote on my Prelo account to READ the specification about the product before you buy so that you can measure it yourself. 

There is *this* one person, bought two clothes from me and 3 days later, she complained HOW COME the clothes I sent cannot fit in her body. 
Uh-duh, girl, did you even read? 

Then I replied, "sorry, but I already wrote the specification. Did you read that before you buy?"

Then she said, "I did read, but the clothes cannot fit on my body!" 

Really? Is that even my problem?

Then I replied, "well, sorry, I can do nothing about it, next time, make sure you read the specification first."

Then she said, this one shocked me the most, "can you please send me my money back? I will send you the clothes back. I cannot wear it anyway."

Uh-duh, girl (again), seriously? You want your money back because of your carelessness?

You cannot just send *the stuff* back to the seller because of your (the buyer's) fault.


Guys, be careful when it comes to *online shopping*, alright? Even if you are a buyer or a seller. But remember one thing clearly, even if it sounds wrong, there is this motto, the customer is always right, so no matter what and no matter how annoying your buyer or costumer is, you must be kind and treat them well (treat them well? sounds weird). Even if they ask you bazillion questions about stuff that you sell (although you already write the specification clearly), you must answer them nicely. Well, its their money we are going to get. That's our goals. 
The money. Muahaha *evil laugh* #moneyoriented

Alright, enough for today and ...


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