I've been fighting acnes for years.........

by - 1/25/2017 08:06:00 pm

well not exactly 
But yeah, I have been struggling with acne probs, guys. Huhu curhat boleh yah. I have been wondering what should I do to get rid of these acnes? I have tried treatment in one of my aunt beauty expert, consumed some beauty tablets (something like no*rish skin and stuff), bought several face wash, but none of them gave me significant result.

Well, I was being dramatic. Actually, there IS something that brought me significant result. The doctor/beauty expert treatment and The Body Shop Tea Tree Series. THANKS GOD.

Before I am talking about those two, I am going to venting a little bit more. (maybe not really 'a little bit' cause this is going to be a VERY long post. That is ok, right? Right? Am I right or am I right?)

Ya know guys, the word "acne" is a total trigger for me. Every time someone ask me, 
"OMG what happened to your face?"
"What? Acne?"
"OMG why are those acnes on your face?"


Yeah. I got triggered. Give me comments about anything, but my acne, I'll give you some death-stare and resting-bitch face 24/7. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE OK? Well, I actually know. I guess its in the family, you know, heredity, biologically, because my dad's fam also have oily skin type with a little bit acne powder. But the positive side is, they have light skin-tone. Ohohoho.
Oh yea, maybe its also because of my hormones. Hormones that causing acne, that hormones does exist, young lady.

Back to the treatment I took.
Back to the 2015 when I was still in doctor treatment. After a year 'consuming' the doctor's 'medicines', my face became bright, unusual white, and also super oily, like when a fly landed on my skin, they'll slip immediately, or like I have to use blotting paper every 5 minutes. But well, my acne all gone! UU I love that. I love my doctor.
But when I started falling in love with this treatment, I went to the beach, snorkeling for two days, smiling to the sun at 11 a.m., my face got WORSE than before. *cried in pain* And guess what? The treatment stopped giving me positive effect. In fact, it did not have any effect anymore.

So I decided to stop. They were not cheap, tho. 
I also stopped meeting people, did not coming to some friends reunion, and stayed at home because of my face. Ugh. It was like, having those black spots on your face, and also acne, and also, like, another layer skin that was very...how can I say? Not very good (and not very smooth too).
please, not again.
*judging on all doctor's treatment very hard right now* 
JK.....(not really)

After few researches through the internet, I found this Body Shop tea tree series. There are so much reviews about this product and they are all POSITIVE. How can I not ngiler??? Wth did I just say.
I talked to my dad so he can bought me this pricey stuffs LOL JK. No, actually, that happened. They are all pricey and I cannot buy them with my own money. You know, college student.

At first, I bought the tea tree facial wash, moisturizer, toner, and tea tree oil. At the first 4 months, I did not feel like something BIG is already happening. NO. I give you a hint, I am impatient. Tots. So yeah. But then I think that this product is...um...what? Nature-based? So it may not work fast just like doctor's medicine or other chemical stuff. So I get myself together and be patient. Then I tried the night cream, which had no effect on my face so I stopped use it, tea tree clay mask, and also tea tree daily solution serum.

After 6 months, FINALLY, my face is getting soooooo much better than before. But I did not compare the result with when I was using the doctor's stuff, no, because I know it would be different. My skin got so much brighter and smooth! Like the baby's butt, and I don't need blotting paper anymore! I love this tea tree(s)! So much!

BUT SURELY, my acne won't leave me alone. why on the earth they don't just go away and find a new place to stay?! YOU FREAKING ACNE. 

On December (which is my birth-month) I got discount for every product from The Body Shop Indonesia cause I am an LYB Fan Member, so I decided to buy Drops of Youth Concentrate. I almost got a heart attack when I saw the price, tho, but well, I got 20% free. 

Yes, yes, and yes. This pre-serum is incredible. It makes my skin got even smoother than ever, and also bouncy. Nyaw :3 I love me (huh?
BUT AS I SAID BEFORE, my acne did not leave me alone. I started to use the pre-serum every morning and every night (because it suggested) and my acne started to appear.............again. WHAT THE HHHH? I do not even know whether this pre-serum has some ingredients that give some negative affects toward acne, but I wrote this based on my experience. That sh*tty little acne. *tantrum*

And then I decided to take a break from this DoY concentrate and only use this every time I am going to go out somewhere. Eventually, my face get better, and again, smoother, bouncy, pinch-able...:3 nyaw.

Until now, late January 2017, I still have acne. I know, okay, I got it, hormones. But really? Do they have to come regularly? And please not leaving something like acne scars? Ya know, once in a month, I could think that I am ugly because of my scars, my acne, and all of the people that *REALLY* pay more attention to my acne. Wow. I am amaze of myself. LOL.

WELL WELL now. I am starting to realize that those skincare maybe already give me the best that they can do *AND I AM REALLY HAPPY WITH THE RESULT*, so now I am trying to do some little exercises at home, and also drinking tons and liters mineral water (does it sound right? liters of mineral water? whatever). 


Guys, if you have been struggling with acne too, it is really worth to try on some tea tree series on your face. And please, do not ever think that you are ugly, cause when I think of myself that way, I somehow got a little bit stressed, and had a bad mood, on literally everything. Ladies, we are beautiful and we will soon get rid of these freaking acne. *talking to the mirror*


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